Wall Sconce
Wall Mounted Direct Series   The new wall sconce series is an Ada approved unit that can be wall mounted.

Wall Mounted Indirect, Series 584

The Vee-Sconce Series 584 is a geometric form of clean design that provides indirect wall accent lighting, while meeting ADA requirements. Utilizing current lamping sources, compact fluorescent, linear T8 and T5, the Vee-Sconce Series 584 is a highly energy efficient lighting element.

For use in Offices, Corridors, Conference Rooms, Vestibules, Landings and Residential Areas.


Suffix "PERF" after catalog number for perforated face with white acrylic overlay.

HOUSING: Die formed of 20 ga. cold rolled prime steel, rigidly fabricated, and electrically welded to insure true and perfect alignment.

SOCKET PLATE: Die formed of code gauge steel and securely mounted to fixture housing, removable to access wiring.

MOUNTING: Wall mounted singly or in continuous rows. For continuous mounting, knockouts are removed in end caps and units joined together. Meets ADA requirement for wall mounting. (4" extension max.)

ELECTRICAL: 1 lamp ballast, magnetic "NPF" for Twin Tube lamps. 1 and 2 lamp Octic T8, 265MA electronic high power factor, class A sound rated, < 10% THD (less than 10% Total Harmonic Distortion) 1 and 2 lamp rapid quick start 460MA for 14W, 21 W and 28W, and 460MA to 300MA for 24W, 39W and 54W T5H0 electronic high power factor, class A sound rated, <10% THD (less than 10% Total Harmonic Distortion), U.L. and C.U.L., CSA, FCC listed Type 1 for 118V 60 Hz operation. For other voltages and frequencies available, consult factory.

FINISH: All steel component parts are completely protected against rust and discoloration after fabrication through an automated conveyorized multistage phosphate bonding process. Finished with an electrostatic baked white polyester thermosetting powder coating. This electronic computer controlled integrated system assures consistent 88%+ reflectance efficiency and maximum durability.

CERTIFICATION: The Vee Sconce Series 584 luminaire is U.L. and C.U.L. listed and bears the label of the I.B.E.W./AFL-CIO. Local #3.

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