Shallow Surface Direct/Indirect 2X2, 2X4, Series 4922/4924

The COMFORT-LUME® series offers a new and attractive alternative to present-day conventional lighting systems. A surface direct/indirect unit emitting glare free light with a soft and harmonious blend. Making the environment comfortable and appealing. Harshness is eliminated. Shallow profile, minimal protrusion below the ceiling plane, leaving a clean contemporary look.

The specifiers' choice for use in Offices, Showrooms, Schools, Lobbies, Corridors, Libraries, Hospitals, and Conference Rooms.


HOUSING: Die formed of 20 gauge cold rolled prime steel, rigidly fabricated, and electrically welded to insure true and perfect alignment.

SOCKET PLATE: Die formed of 20 gauge cold rolled steel, securely mounted, socket accessible for maintenance.

REFLECTOR: CAD/CAM designed heavy gauge cold rolled steel formed to optically correct contour to provide precise light distribution with maximum efficiency, and effective glare control, removable to access wiring. XTALD-XTRALUME® energy efficient reflector available.

LAMP SHIELD: One piece heavy gauge perforated metal, precision formed and integrated with a white acrylic overlay and easily lowered for relamping without the use of tools.

ELECTRICAL: Thermally protected Class "P" Energy Saving Rapid/Instant Start HPF, 270MA-Biax (Twin Tube) electronic ballasts, or T5 HPF, 460MA Rapid Start Electronic ballasts for 118V 60 Hz operation standard. Optional electronic ballasts, other voltages and frequencies available, consult factory.

MOUNTING: Installed flush with ceiling, surface, stem or cable mounted, singly or in continuous rows. For continuous mounting - knockouts are removed in end and units joined together. Adequate knockouts for stem, cable or flush surface mounting are provided. Advise factory when stem or cable mounting.

FINISH: All steel component parts are completely protected against rust and discoloration after fabrication through an automated conveyorized multi-stage phosphate bonding process. Finished interior and exterior with an electrostatic baked white polyester thermosetting powder coating. This electronic computer controlled integrated system assures consistent 88%+ reflectance efficiency and maximum durability. Reflectors powder coated exclusive matte white Tex-Tone™.

CERTIFICATION: The COMFORT-LUME® Series 4922/4924 is U.L. and C.U.L. listed and bears the label of the I.B.E.W./AFL-CIO. Optionally U.L. listed for Damp Location "DL".

COMFORT-LUME®, XTRALUME® and LEGION® are registered trademarks of LEGION LIGHTING CO., INC.



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