Architects, Engineers and Lighting Designers call on LEGION to help solve their design objective. LEGION has long been acknowledged as a premier manufacturer of high quality specification grade lighting equipment. Our engineers and designers are continually working to create energy efficient lighting products, to respond to the needs of the specifier. In addition to our complete line of fluorescent lighting fixtures, which is one of the broadest in the country, LEGION designs special units to meet job requirements in commercial, industrial, retail and institutional facilities. LEGION is constantly coming out with new products and the finest literature. 

LEGION’S fully staffed, advanced engineering department combined with the latest in three-dimensional CAD/CAM software enables us to prototype and prepare final design and production drawings. Proud of our innovations and high quality, LEGION has incorporated CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) to the latest CAD/CAM manufacturing equipment. Our Engineering department brings new lighting concepts from sketchpad to computer screen to factory in hours, not days. LEGION Lighting products are U.L./C.U.L. Listed and meet all N.E.C. codes, and are manufactured in the U.S.A. 



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